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We work with people who want to build their leadership and management skills. Whether it’s developing people management ability, creating an amazing engagement culture, leveraging individual potential or maximising team performance, we can help.  We help companies improve the engagement and performance of their people – and understand how this impacts their customer.

We enable greater results through our practical advice and hands on support, tailored for you.




Why Us


Local knowledge and expertise combined with global experience and perspective.

We’re a small team with significant front-end experience in leadership and people management. We’ve had strong careers in the UAE and internationally.

Our approach is refreshing and untypical of many consultants: we’re able to share pragmatic and commercially-focused solutions based on first-hand experience. We’ve navigated our way through so many situations over our careers that we've probably encountered many of the challenges that you’re facing.  We share our knowledge of what works – and what doesn’t.

Those magical words …. “Leave it with me”

We understand that you don’t always have as much time to dedicate to your team as you’d like, or enough experience amongst your team as you need. We know that priorities can change quickly and the path of true leadership doesn’t always run smoothly. This is where we can help. From offering advice and guidance, to stepping in to deliver solutions, we work in a way that is flexible, responsive and effective.