How we arrived here


Having built careers developing more people than we can count, building strong and capable teams and taking them through significant change….we felt it was time for a change ourselves. That’s where the inspiration for redgiraffe came from. We’ve brought together our experience, knowledge and skills - to support other managers and to really make a difference.


Our philosophy

Simply based on our experience of what works.

  • When you find good people, trust them. Give them the freedom to do their job.

  • Provide a vision that they can relate to; that is clearly communicated and understood, that they feel a part of. 

  • A good leader understands that they don’t need to have all the answers. Listen to your staff and involve them in the challenges you’re facing. You both develop as a result.

  • Don’t be afraid to admit when you’re wrong or have made a mistake. Honesty and humility will earn you support and respect.

  • Respect and value the contribution of people at every level; recognise what they do well; encourage them. 

  • Don’t let process get in the way of purpose.

  • People have lives beyond the workplace. You rely on their flexibility – be sure to offer the same to them when they need it.

  • We might live in a digital age but your people are still human. Be kind.

  • Common sense and a sense of humour can be your best friends.  Keep them close by.

  • Courage and integrity are essential.

  • Apply this philosophy whenever you can and you’ll create shared ownership and genuine success. You will instil a sense of pride in your company and people protect what they’re proud of.

Meet the Team


Jo Plett 

After graduating, I spent the first part of my career as an HR manager (CIPD qualified) for a large UK bank. Supporting branches and contact centres, my focus was on sales and customer service and included organisation reviews, reward and recognition, employee engagement and career development. This HR background has proven to be a fantastic foundation for everything I have done since.

Following a serendipitous holiday to Dubai, I relocated here and joined Emirates airline. I moved into an operational role, growing and developing the management team responsible for cabin crew. Through engagement, direction, encouragement and communication I built strong and motivated teams and we delivered excellent results. This included the launch of the iconic A380 aircraft; the complete review of the crew performance management framework; and the design and delivery of an internal customer service contact centre.

My role was also continually driving growth, maintaining strong relationships and delivering the airline’s exceptional service standards. Growing from 5,000 to 24,000 crew, with such a mix of age and nationalities – this was amazing experience and taught me a lot about working at a phenomenally fast pace (and the sanity saving value of a good sense of humour).

My reputation? 
Professional, calm (on the surface, at least!), pragmatic and open-minded. “Things are rarely as they first appear – don’t jump to conclusions before you understand the full story.”

Lynda Briody

When I gave up a “safe” job in banking and accepted a seasonal summer role as cabin crew, I could never have foreseen the journey ahead. As I started engaging successfully with people through naturally empathetic and transparent leadership, I was provided with amazing opportunities to progress in the dynamic airline industry.

Consistently ranked one of the best airlines in the world, being the Vice President for Cabin Crew at Emirates airline required leadership capabilities that were polished and put to the test. Every day. I was conscious that my role positioned me as a critical player in delivering on the airline’s impeccably high standards. To achieve this, I introduced multiple communication platforms to personally engage with a remote multinational and diverse workforce of 24,000 people.

Career moments and milestones for me? When I guided and supported a very shaken community of thousands through a serious airline incident. I did this the best way I knew how – with strength and compassion, whilst protecting and maintaining the day-to-day business. I also created and delivered an innovative and meaningful leadership programme for over 4,000 leaders to define purpose and achieve collective ownership in the success of the business.

My mantra for better business?
People remain at the heart of any successful business culture. Investing in your leaders of today and tomorrow is a necessity, not an option.

What’s in a name?

Great vision, a strong heart, deft reactions and gracefully humble. The giraffe has adapted exceptionally well to its environment; it has overcome its vulnerabilities and continues to thrive.

Add red for energy, strength, determination and passion and who wouldn’t want redgiraffe on their side?