Your customer experience professionals


At redgiraffe, we know that the best customer experience is the result of something that goes beyond front line service skills. It’s the result of a culture that engages all staff in a vision for customer service; where everyone in the company understands the role they play and the value they add to the customer experience. It’s the result of supportive leadership that trusts and empowers people; that creates shared ownership for goals and results.





The result?

  • If you’re a company that has mastered it’s customer experience you will drive up customer satisfaction and most importantly, create loyalty to your product or service.

  • Your loyal ‘fans’ become your strongest advocates – who repeat their custom, are prepared to pay more for your service, who refer others to you and ….. who forgive your mistakes!

  • Increase loyalty => increase your profitability and sustain your growth.

  • Products can be replicated or imitated – it’s the customer experience that really differentiates you and therefore gives you your competitive advantage - now and for the future.

  • What creates loyal customers can also create loyal employees. And that makes them all part of your sales force. Same philosophy - twice the value.

  • When your employees are aligned to your customers; when they have a sense of pride and ownership in making them happy, you develop a workforce that cares about your business and is fully engaged with your goals.