First, let’s talk about you.

You’re a determined leader - seeking the best for your people and your business. 

You may be looking to develop the management skills of a new or existing team. You may be trying to engage people around your goals. Perhaps you’re taking your company through significant change – or transitioning to a new way of working. You may be facing complex challenges and struggling to make the first step or you may know what you want to achieve but are not sure how to get there. Or you may feel that you just don’t have enough time to dedicate to the issues you’re facing.

Our goal is to understand your situation and deliver the best solution for you and your business.   We recognise that you may need a quick answer, long-term support or something in between. 



  • Upskilling managers and supporting their growth as leaders

  • De-mystifying leadership. What’s at the heart of leadership; the essential qualities that help you stand out

  • Guidance through the first weeks and months of leadership or tailored development for more established managers

  • How to lead a team through growth, downsizing, transition or change


  • Creating a customer service vision and strategy to achieve higher satisfaction and results; ensuring the customer is at the heart of everything your people do

  • Leading customer service from the top down; ensuring it’s not just a front-line responsibility

  • Empowering your people to make the right decisions for your customers; focusing on purpose over process

  • Understanding and actively responding to customer and employee feedback


  • Tips and tactics to engage and motivate your team

  • An end-to-end engagement strategy to forge strong connections, increase performance and make you an employer of choice

  • How to create shared ownership, ensuring your people want to drive your business results and customer experience as much as you do


  • Equipping managers with crucial skills and know-how to navigate through the maze of people management challenges.

  • Building confidence to manage poor performance and how to deliver feedback

  • Finding the right performance framework for your company: not just an annual ‘tick box’ exercise

  • Career development frameworks that ensure people learn and grow; that support succession planning


  • Building teams that complement each other, harness diversity and produce stronger results.

  • Connecting or rebuilding teams; where teams are not working well; where there’s a mix of performance levels or integrating new team members.

  • We can observe your team in action and provide guidance and direction to maximise results.


  • How to communicate in a way that resonates with people; that they believe in and is sincere.

  • The ability and confidence to prepare and deliver engaging and memorable presentations to any audience

  • Taking people through change. Providing plans and guidance on what to say, when and how

  • Ideas and tools to communicate with a remote or diverse workforce


What is stopping you from achieving your goals? Are your priorities clear?

We listen to you to ensure we fully understand your needs. We listen to your team – to the people closest to the work/issues. We help ensure their buy-in.  We make sure we understand your company – its culture, vision, strengths and frustrations!



Observations and learnings are shared; recommendations are made. Together, we’ll agree the best solutions and define what success looks like. We are flexible and we’ll work to develop the right approach for you.



Delivery of agreed solutions and results - through tailored workshops, one on one support, presentations that inspire action or establishing frameworks for long term change. Our service is provided through guidance and skill transfer – short and long term.

And we stay in touch…It’s important to us at redgiraffe to know we have provided you with what you really need.



We’re a small team with significant front-end experience in leadership and people management. We’ve had strong careers in the UAE and internationally.

Our approach is refreshing and untypical of many consultants: we’re able to share pragmatic and commercially-focused solutions based on first-hand experience. We’ve navigated our way through so many situations over our careers that we've probably encountered many of the challenges that you’re facing.  We share our knowledge of what works – and what doesn’t.

Those magical words …. “Leave it with me”

We understand that you don’t always have as much time to dedicate to your team as you’d like, or enough experience amongst your team as you need. We know that priorities can change quickly and the path of true leadership doesn’t always run smoothly. This is where we can help. From offering advice and guidance, to stepping in to deliver solutions, we work in a way that is flexible, responsive and effective.