First, let’s talk about you

You may be looking to design or re-define your customer experience. You may be going through change, transformation or growth and facing the challenge of maintaining consistency. You may be looking to improve the skill levels of your front facing staff. Maybe you’re struggling to understand how to break the cycle of poor customer feedback. 

How we can help

We provide support around each key aspect of a customer centric business:

  1. We help you develop a vision and strategy that puts the customer at the heart of your organisation and embeds an exceptional customer culture. Everything we do ensures your people have real ownership for delivering your customer promise.  

  2. We help you design and deliver your very best customer experience. This includes the skills and competencies needed, agreeing your non-negotiables and responding to customer feedback.

  3. And here’s the difference – because a great customer experience is a reflection of what’s happening internally – we help you develop the leadership behaviours that deliver this and define what your employee experience can look like.

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  • Defining the vision and strategy for your customer culture

  • Reflecting your brand values throughout the customer experience

  • Developing your customer culture through clearly defined behaviours, practices and a common language

  • Ensuring the customer is at the heart of your business; that everyone views their role through the eyes of the customer and understands the role they play in the customer experience and their retention

  • Ensuring your customer experience is delivered consistently at every point of the customer journey

  • Reflecting your customer culture at every employee touch point – including recruitment, induction, performance management, communication, training and development


  • Developing the skills and competencies of your people to deliver an exceptional customer experience

  • Defining your customer experience ‘non-negotiables’ – the essential aspects for which everyone is responsible

  • Embedding systems and practices that ensure consistency of the customer experience

  • Practical skills to confidently engage with your customers - including how to overcome mistakes and the art of service recovery       

  • Sharing and understanding customer data feedback – involving your people in identifying root cause, delivering solutions and ensuring ownership for sustained improvement


  • Ensuring the behaviour and actions of your leadership and management team role model and support your customer service culture

  • Trusting and empowering your people to make the right decisions for your customers

  • Aligning the employee experience with the customer experience so that one is a reflection of the other. Defining what this looks like for your company

  • Engaging your staff, creating shared ownership for the customer experience

  • Guidance and tools for the encouragement and recognition of exceptional customer service


We make sure we fully understand your current situation and needs - reviewing your performance data and customer feedback. What does their experience look and feel like now? How much does what you think you’re doing, match with what’s actually happening? What will make the difference?

We listen to your team – to the people closest to the work/issues. We make sure we understand your customer and your company – its culture, vision, strengths and frustrations!


We share our understanding and conclusions and together we agree the best solution for you. We discuss the programme of implementation including who’s involved, what resources we need from each other and your timeframes. Importantly we agree what success will look like.

We’ll make sure we have the right approach for you – that delivers the results you’re looking for.


We can work alongside you to provide guidance, support and direction, establishing the structure and practices for long term growth - or we can deliver high impact workshops and presentations for specific groups that inspire action and change.

Whatever we agree, we always work in partnership to gain the buy-in of everyone involved. 

And we stay in touch…It’s important to us at redgiraffe to know we have provided you with what you really need.


We’re a team of trusted professionals with significant front-end experience in customer service, leadership and people management. We have strong careers in the UAE and internationally, giving us local knowledge and expertise, combined with global experience and perspective.

We think our approach is untypical of many consultants: we’re able to share pragmatic and commercially-focused solutions based on first-hand experience, including responsibility for the award winning customer experience within one of the world’s leading airlines. 

With the insight that comes from the leadership of 24,000 staff - delivering the highest standards in service to around a million customers a week, we know that establishing a strong customer culture is not just important, it’s the best investment you can make.

We understand that you don’t always have as much time as you’d like, or enough experience amongst your team as you need. This is where we can help.